Muluma Advisory Services is a 100% black owned engineering and consulting company. Muluma is the brain child of a Professionally Registered Engineer, the company is intended to truly empower previously disadvantaged communities through different programs. The intellectual property has found it difficult to find its way to previously disadvantaged communities.

Our strength is the ability to blend different engineering expertise to form a sustainable solution.

4.0 is here

Today, a fourth industrial revolution is transforming economies, jobs, and even society itself. Under the broad title Industry 4.0, many physical and digital technologies are combining through analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create digital enterprises that are both interconnected and capable of more informed decision-making. Digital enterprises can communicate, analyze, and use data to drive intelligent action in the physical world. In short, this revolution is embedding smart, connected technology not only within organizations, but also our daily lives.

So how prepared are organizations and leaders to embrace this revolution?