How to work from home

The alarm rings, you get up, run a bath, get dressed, look good, get your lunch, drive to work, greet colleagues, make yourself a delicious cup of coffee, settle in and then get to work. This was life pre-corona pandemic. During corona, the alarm rings and then what? The lock down has also opened up the possibility to many employers to consider the option of working from home post lock down measures. With such a drastic change in routine how does one adjust?

We are living in the reality of working from home, this article touches on some of the aspects to consider when getting the best out of working from home.

  1. Very important, TO-DO list

Time management becomes that much more important when working from home. A to-do list assists in this process. Working aimlessly is the fastest way to being unproductive because “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. A to-do list gives you some structure which enables you to deliver on your weekly outputs in this way you are growing confident as you tick off a task. A side note, a mental to-do list does not work. You must write it down.

2. Working from home policy and procedure

There are some organisations that had implemented working from home before the pandemic, in this case there would be a policy and a procedure which would detail what the organisation expects from employees during this time. Familiarise yourself with these documents. The first thing a company procedure does is relieve the pressure on figuring out your workstation, your performance, health and safety when working from home. The procedure is also there to protect you and the organisation. You are in possession of company equipment which holds privileged and confidential information.

If your organization does not have a working from home policy, they can contact us on we can assist.

3. Information protection

Each profession is relevant to the success of an organisation. This would mean that each profession has preview to information that is critical to the success of the company. You might even have remote access to the company server. Mishandling of such information can have dire consequences. It is imperative that the employer have in place an information policy but even if there is no explicit policy, you need to ensure that the information that is in your care is safe. Practice password security best practices. When you leave your computer always make sure it’s locked. Just like you wouldn’t share information with your colleagues that are not authorised, do not share the information with anyone else at home.

We will feature an article on information protection, where we will delve deeper into what it entails and how to ensure that you and your organisation are protected.

4. IT support

The virtual marketplace does come with it’s own glitches. Problems with software, systems being down, your computer just went bonkers. It can get overwhelming in trying to resolve these issues by yourself. It can also be demotivating when while working, your equipment is not agreeing with you. Make sure to have on hand the contact details of your IT support team. This will come in very handy.

5. Communication

Communication is very key in the success of working from home. Your manager needs to know that they can get a hold of you during working hours. You need to make sure that you and your manager are on the same page regarding what is expected from you. Weekly meetings ensure alignment with you and your manager. Not having access to your manager can get a bit overwhelming, the pressure is relieved when you maintain an open line of communication. You work more easier and much more relaxed when you have the comfort of knowing that you and your manager are aligned.

6. You can make this work from home

It is understandable the pressure that comes with working from home. You work being anxious at whether you are doing enough, you want management to know that you are working instead off just chilling and doing other things. Though the pressure can be a motivating factor, too much of it can result in bad stress and bad stress is never good. Find a routine which will enhance your experience. You can make working from home, work for you.

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