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Our country finds itself in uncharted territories and as parents we find ourselves having to make our “new normal” a way of life. For the sake of our sanity and that of our children.

In the aim of salvaging the 2020 academic year  , Muluma Advisory Services has partnered with a development partner to solve this challenge that our country is facing, a Modern Cloud ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) specifically geared as an eLearning platform. This is a tested tool that has over 45 Modules covering core systems such as Student Management System, Administration & Human Resources Management, School Communication Portal, Analytics & Reporting, Student Fees & Finance Management and Campus Management System. The ERP has a proven track record and is currently trusted and/or utilised by over 200 Educational Institutes covering a population of over 2 000 000 Students.

What’s in it for you ?

  • One Platform – All functions are performed on one platform . This includes but not limited to : Scheduling live sessions / Assessments / Management of fees / Documents and Video uploads / Announcement and Marking of the register – All on one platform
  • Controlled Access – Teachers can be allocated access to different classes that they teach and learner only have access to the classes they are registered for
  • Security – Teachers are allocated hosting rights which gives them full access to control the class such as ; muting the class to minimize disruptions , Restrictions of chats and sharing of documents during the lesson
  • Announcements – Teachers can make announcements on the APP and learners do not have to be logged onto the APP to receive the notifications
  • Assessments / Exams – Learners write all exams and assessments on the APP and teacher marks the exam directly on the APP , gives comments and generate the term report . More futures for this function are – Exams can be : Timed / restricted to number of attempts   and the teacher can also decide on the format of the exam i.e. Free text or multiple choice etc / Exams can be live sessions so the teacher can monitor the teacher
  • End of Term Reports – A register teacher can consolidate the learners marks for different subjects and generate an end of term report
  • Projects / Uploading of documents – Files / Photos / Videos can be uploaded from the device used to log on to the APP without changing platforms
  • Content – Schools load their contents as per their curriculum
  • Training – A 2 hours session will be offered for 10 days to on-board the teachers
  • Language/s – System can be multi – lingual
  • Information Security – The APP complies with the POPI act as well as other acts regulating the security of information
  • Support – You will have 24/7 Help & Support.

Send us an email on info@muluma.co.za to schedule a demo.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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