WorkiQ Overview – Opportunity to Assist Our Clients Manage and Track Teams Working Remotely

The concept of remote teams has been one of the topics discussed in line with the future way of work. The idea that you don’t need a centralised back office team to fulfil instruction in a co-location made sense but had some appetite impediments . COVID19 (Corona Virus) has literally removed the appetite impediments, we are now forced to work remotely to mitigate infection risks to your workforce.

Besides creating the infrastructure for resources to work remotely, the question is how do you track production capacity, productivity and quality of a remote back office team? Muluma has a number of SAAS solutions which can help you mange remote teams while increasing efficiencies and productivity in the process.

WorkIQ allows companies to track whether resources working remotely are indeed putting the hours to ensure that targets are still met, amongst other benefits. Please contact us, we believe we can offer this solution to your organisation  in these testing times.

WorkIQ is an investment which will still be applicable post the current global pandemic (Coronavirus), it will remain the basis to understand true capacity of any team, areas of improvement , training requirements, etc.

Note: the workforce is working from home (remotely), Management teams appetite impediments are removed. Contact us so we can assist you to embrace the new way of work.

Muluma Advisory Services is a certified distributor of WorkIQ.

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