The Future of Process Design – (Enable an Organization Wide Adoption) – By Muzi Masilela – Founder and Managing Partner of Muluma Advisory Services

The days of highly expensive process designers sitting in the management tower and dictating how operations should execute work are numbered. To promote the culture of process ownership and management , you need a federated model which allows team members on the ground to real time document their business processes. Not just document but have the ability to track and measure how long each tasks takes from a PDQRCM (Productivity, Delivery (Time), Quality , Risk (Compliance or Safety), Cost (Revue , Profit and Value), Morale.

The ability to track and measure will empower the teams to know what to change and continuously improve the operations. There are different turn key tools which are a fraction of the cost of traditional system design life cycle. These can give you productivity uplift and efficiency gains within 4 weeks. Contact us and we will guide you through the process to optimise your operations.